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  • Contact Lasse Skole Hansen
    Lasse Skole Hansen PR Manager Denmark, United Kingdom, United States
    Phone: +45 7879 2853
  • Contact Line Schjelde
    Line Schjelde PR Manager Sweden, Norway, Finland
    Phone: +45 7879 3808
  • Contact Kalimaya Krabbe
    Kalimaya Krabbe PR Manager Portugal, Spain, Italy, Brazil, France, Netherlands
    Phone: +45 7879 2897
  • Contact Irina Ryabovol
    Irina Ryabovol PR Manager Russia, Turkey
    Phone: +7 919 357 82 31
  • Contact Kalimaya Krabbe
    Andrea Aldenhövel PR Manager Germany, Austria, Switzerland
    Phone: +45 7879 3838

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